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Administration in International Organizations (AIO)
A Program taught in English within the Administration program
Degree: Full time; two-year Master’s degree
Department of Law, Administration and Economics
University of Wrocław
The Administration in International Organizations program within the Administration program at the Department of Law, Administration and Economics of the University of Wrocław was established in 2011 as a response to the growing importance of staffing international organizations.
The primary goal of the program is to prepare graduates for careers working in institutions of the European Union and other international organizations. Until recently, public administration has been shaped almost exclusively by and within particular states. In this regard, public administration is – and in the foreseeable future will be – national, but for many decades we have witnessed the emergence of international and transnational administrations.
The program’s focus is to prepare graduates to work in emerging supranational administrative spaces: European administrative space and global administrative space. Graduating from the program can also enable students to work for both public and private (profit seeking and not-for-profit) organizations cooperating with international organizations.
The Administration in International Organizations program is tailored mainly for graduates who have already completed a bachelor’s or master’s degree in public administration. However, the program is also open to those with bachelor’s or master’s degree in other fields that are interested in working for international organizations as well as for public and private organizations cooperating with them.
From1.10.2011 through 31.06.2015 the Administration in International Organizations program was co-financed by the European Social Funds: the Human Capital Operational Programme. 
Beginning from the academic year 2014/15 the Administration in International Organizations program is a paid one for all (both non-Polish and Polish) students. The tuition is set by the University of Wrocław. 

Mission Statement of the University of Wroclaw
300 Years of the University of Wroclaw
Resolution No. 46/1999 of the Senate of the University of Wroclaw
passed during a meeting on the 30th of June, 1999
regarding the Mission of the University of Wroclaw
The University of Wroclaw continues the tradition of the old university, deriving its origins from the Leopoldina Academy, established in 1702, as well as the University of Jan Kazimierz in Lvov, established in 1661. These traditions came together in 1945, giving rise to a new era in the history of the University of Wroclaw.
The University of Wroclaw bases all of its activities on two core values: truth and freedom of thought expression. The university also incorporates the spirit and fundamental principles expressed in the Magna Carta of European Universities signed in Bologna in 1988. The European character of the University of Wroclaw as an open and tolerant institution is also emphasized by its cultural and geographical position bordering the Czech Republic and Germany.
The University of Wroclaw protects and disseminates the achievements of generations while bringing its own unique contributions through various academic works and educational development initiatives.
The University of Wroclaw strives to fulfill its mission by placing an emphasis on the following:
1.      Protecting, nurturing, and continuing the intellectual traditions of the past.
2.      Respecting the principles of freedom and ethics in research and education.
3.      Carrying out academic research at the highest level and realizing the eternal human desire to open up new intellectual horizons by attaching particular importance to the scope and standards of academic research conducted at the university.
4.      The highest standard of education. The implemented teaching process forms a creative and tolerant attitude towards the world and provides an ideal environment for the acquisition of higher knowledge. The University of Wroclaw places great importance on the quality of education and towards the creation of suitable conditions in which education takes place.
5.      Maintaining and developing extensive cooperation with foreign partners through academic contacts, and university personnel and student exchange programs.
6.      Giving students the opportunity to participate in university life by supporting their academic, cultural, and self-governing activities.
7.      Preserving the university as a place for people to gather, exchange ideas, and sustain itself as a source of intellectual life for the city, region and country.
8.      Maintaining academic autonomy and political independence, which serves to build a democratic society based on universal human rights.
The University of Wroclaw is guided by the belief in being an open university, one in which any individual may find development and creative opportunities suited to their own needs.
Translated from Polish by:
Victoria Jurewicz and Ekaterina Shenakaily, students of Administration in International Organizations (AIO)
Department of Law, Administration and Economics
University of Wroclaw
December 2014