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Kazimierz Orzechowski, On Old Didactics at Our Faculty – Especially About Exams (in the source language: O dawniejszej dydaktyce na naszym Wydziale – zwłaszcza o egzaminowaniu. Kilka anegdot i wspomnień), „Wrocławskie Studia Erazmiańskie. Zeszyty Studenckie I”, edited by Mirosław Sadowski, Piotr Szymaniec, Ernest Bojek, Wrocław 2008.
 […] I have told you a handful of personal memories and anecdotes, which all concerned, in one way or another, exams. Those exams, by the way, were always taken orally. Now is the time to reveal that I did this for only one reason – namely to recall in the end one fact as a specific crowning point to the previous stories.
Professor Tadeusz Bigo was retiring from his University post and becoming an emeritus. He was an academic of enormous knowledge and exceptional goodness which was clearly visible in his pale-blue eyes. He was loved by all of us. Due to his retirement a farewell meeting was organized in the Senate Hall which was not attended by many people. It was then, while I was still relatively young professor, that I heard professor Tadeusz Bigo’s requests – almost pleadings – addressed by the old professor to us, which I will keep in my heart until my death.
He said:
- I want to ask you for just two really important things. My first request – never get angry when you are listening to an exam regardless of the content of the student’s answer or their behavior. And secondly – take your time when listening to an exam. Never be in a hurry. Listening to an exam is the best opportunity in life to get acquainted with a student’s way of thinking, as well as for a student to get acquainted with your way of looking at a problem.
Translated by Jerzy Supernat

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